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Action Bar

An Action Bar is a user interface element that provides various actions the user can perform. It's displayed at the bottom of the screen and labeled with keys 1-9.

Set items

The thirdroom.actionBar.setItems method is used to set the items (or actions) in the action bar. Each item has an ID, label, and thumbnail.

const someThumbnail = world.findImageByName("SomeImage");

    id: "action1",
    label: "SomeAction",
    thumbnail: someThumbnail,


An ActionBarListener is used to listen for when items on the action bar are activated.

// Create a new ActionBarListener object
const actionBarListener = thirdroom.actionBar.createListener();

for (const actionId of actionBarListener.actions()) {
  if (actionId === "action1") {
    console.log("action1 activated");